Adaptive SwitchesAdaptive Switches: An Access Tool.

What is an adaptive switch?

We are all familiar with switch technology. Whether you are turning on a light or starting a barbecue. We all use them but few of us realize it.

Types of adaptive switches:

  • Pneumatic- issue commands by sipping or puffing, resulting in positive or negative pressure created by the sip or puff initiates switch opening or closure.
  • Pressure- A simple press anywhere on the top will provide a switch closure with pleasing audible feedback
  • Sound- A person can use their voice or, any sound they can make to operate a switch.

what is it used for?

  • pneumatic- used for communicating information has been completely surpresed by electronical systems pneumatic tubes are still widely used.
  • pressure- provide on/off switching from a pneumatic or hydraulic source
  • sound- sound sensors are used in different kinds of microphones and also mobile phones

What impairments use adaptive switches?

  • many impairments use adaptive switches
  • visually impaired
  • severe handicaped

Cost? Website to purchase on?

What is the "better" project?

I think the better project would be the button pressure because you can always have it with you any one can use of any age. Any disablity can use it not just one specific one.
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