By Kourtney Cremeens
What is it? A phone A phone that amplify sound so the user can understand what the person on the other line is saying.
What is it used for? To help the hearing impaired understand what the person on the other line is saying.
Which type of impairment? For the hearing impaired.
Cost? Website to purchase from? $35-$393.

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Deaf people lobby MPs over phones

A phone that turns speech into text so the hearing impaired can read the text off the computer or screen.
it cost ???
Captioned relay phone system
Captioned relay phone system

Via Sign Language

A phone that has a video camera so the other person can communicate using sign language.
It's cost ???

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[article image]

Why do you think it’s best?
I think the deaf peoples lobby MP is the better one for the hearing impaired because then they can read what the people are saying and if the person on the other line doesn't know sign language then they cant communicate. And the amplified phone wouldn't work if they were completely deaf. So I think the Deaf Peoples MP is the better choice out of the three phones.