Braille Embossers
What Are Braille Embossers?Braille embossers transcribe printed text into embossed Braille that people with vision impairments can read. They all have different aspects, like printing speed, line width, and type and weight of paper. Different kinds of embossers may print on either one or two sides of the paper, and can make either 6 or 8 dot Braille. So it's basically a device that "prints" documents in Braille.

Who Uses It?Many people with vision impairments use Braille embossers.

PricesThe price for an embosser starts around $1,800, but I've seen many that can go for around $4,000. The industrial embossers can go much higher. The Braille Box V4 is nearly $15,000!

Where Can You Buy One?I'm not sure if Braille embossers are sold in regular stores, but plenty of websites sell them, such as

My Top PickI think all of these machines are great, and that they are put to a great use. But one embosser does stick out to me. Personally, I find the Romeo Attaché Pro to be the best for it's price. It's completely portable (16 pounds), prints 15 characters per second, can print 6 or 8 dot Braille, and can emboss regular (12.5 DPI) and high resolution (17 DPI) graphics. It comes with built in USB, parallel and serial ports and can connect to your computer or Braille Notetaker. The Romeo also comes with 1-year warranty, USB cable, line cord, and user manual and printer driver on CD-ROM.

Three Types of Embossers
Here are three different embossers, with pictures.
1. Basic-D V4

2. Phoenix Braille Embosser with Firebird Software Suite

3. Braille Box V4
Braille Box2.jpg