Electronic Pointing Devices
Electronic pointing devices are used to control the cursor on the screen without hands. Example; ultrasounds, infrared beams, eye movements, nerve signals, and brain waves.

Types of pointing devices
Pen/Stylist- Lets you draw on what is called a “digitizing” tablet. This mirrors the surface area of the computer screen. The pen is useful for drawing since drawing graphics with a mouse tends to be somewhat difficult.
These aren’t very expensive, about $15.00- $23.00 for a good one.
This deals with visual impairments.

Trackball- It is an upside-down mouse that remains stationary on your desk. Same thing as a mouse, but upside down. This ball does not need as much attention as the normal mouse because the only thing that touches it is your hand as the normal mouse touches a surface.
Usually the trackball is used for a replacement mouse. Some find it easier and more comfortable to use.
Usually range from about $35.00- $250.00
Light pen- The light pen system allows the user to touch the computer screen with a lighted pen to activate commands and make selections. A light pen is a computer input device that is used hand in hand with the computer monitor. It is called a light pen because its action is activated by light, therefore it is light sensitive. But it cannot be used on LCD screens. You can purchase them online, and at school/office supply store. Range from $3-$30.diamondlightpen.jpg