What type of technology?
  • Assistive technology pointing and maneuvering device
What is it?
  • For people who have shaky or unintentional arm movements; Joysticks can replace the traditional mouse and provide greater control of the direction and speed of the cursor on screen.
  • A controlling device that helps people controls the intended direction when on electric wheelchairs.
What is it used for?
  • Are used to replace the computer mouse for people with fairly severe physical disabilities.
  • To replace normal wheelchairs
Which type of impairment?
  • People with athetoid conditions, such as cerebral palsy

  • , who find them easier to grasp than a standard mouse
  • Also muscular dystrophy or motor neurone disease.
  • People who have a hard time moving a mouse and control it because of the shakiness
Cost? Website to Purchase?
Why is it the “better” project?
  • For people with shakiness or muscular weakness this is easier to grasp and maneuver than a normal mouse. They also are very easy to control when on electric wheelchairs,
Other Information
  • An individual can use the joystick in whatever position he/she finds most comfortable when operating the computer. They are highly flexible and enable the user to move the cursor both horizontally and vertically at various speeds.
  • Most joysticks are compatible with both PC and Macintosh Platforms
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