Sonic Alert was developed to help eliminate the isolation felt by a deaf family member. For over 30 years, Sonic Alert has led the signaling industry with many industry leading products. With a visual alerting system from Sonic Alert, you'll never miss the doorbell, telephone call, alarm clock, or baby's cry.

Audible Telephone Signaler/TransmitterSKU: SA-TR100
The Audible Telephone Signaler Model TR100 alerts you when your telephone rings by sounding a loud horn. The unit can also flash lights and sound horns in other rooms by signaling other Sonic Alert Receivers.
  • Transmits to other Sonic Alert receivers for notification in more than one room
  • Sound horn has an adjustable tone and volume control
  • Phone line powered - does not require any batteries or power cords
Cost: $44.95


USS 360 Universal Sound Signaler/Transmitter
The USS 360 signaler alerts you to any number of sounds by flashing any lamp that is plugged into its plug-outlet or by vibration.
  • The modern design has a lamp on/off button to allow the lamp to be used for general lighting as well as signaling
  • Adjustable sensitivity control allows only sounds at your preset level to activate the unit
  • Signals all Sonic Alert remote receivers
  • Great for travelingSA-USS360-diagram.jpg
  • Alerts to any important sound: phone, kitchen timer, baby, etc.

Cost: $54.95

Bellman Visit Portable ReceiverSKU: HC-VISIT/PORREC
The Swedish designed Visit Portable Receiver receives signals from the various Bellman Visit transmitters and alerts the user using different sounds and LED light signals for the various alarms. The Portable receiver has an optimized sound frequency and an adjustable sound level, from0dB to very loud, up to 90dB, making it suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The unit is portable and can therefore easily be brought to the place you are, like in the garden or on the balcony.
The Portable Receiver may be used with up to four transmitters of the same kind. For example, you can have up to four door transmitters and the receiver will show you exactly which door needs your attention. Approximate operating range in open field about 100 feet (33 yards); walls and other large objects may greatly affect coverage. Includes four C batteries.

Cost: $135.95

The best item on my list I would say is this Bellman Visit Portable ReceiverSKU: HC-VISIT/PORREC because when you are in your backyard and you cant hear anything. And the item will go off and blink and you will hear this item.