What is it?
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Tape Recorder

What is it used for?A tape recorded is used for students with learning disabilities so that instead of reading a question and possibly not understanding what they’re being asked because their mind does not decode it, they hear a voice reading it at a slow pace and granting them time to comprehend it. Also, they’re more likely to understand a real voice instead of text on a page.

Which type of impairment?Tape recorders are used for students with learning disabilities, but mainly focus on the reading disability portion of the LD.

Cost? Website to purchase?They are various types of tape recorders available to those who need them; the average price is about $40.00 for a standard one. You can buy a tape recorder basically anywhere but the best place to buy one for somebody with a learning disability is at BH Photo Video. Their products are rather pricey, but it is because they’re the professional and quality.

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What is it?Text Reading Systems
What is it used for?This is a system used to read a document of text aloud through the computer’s soundcard. These systems assist students with a LD that are better listeners than they are readers. It allows for a student using a computer to highlight a line of text to be read aloud. The reader can always choose to have one word appear on the screen at a time. They can also use the system to edit their own work and boost confidence on using a computer program on their own with a small amount of help.

Which type of impairment?Text Reading Systems are used for learning impaired students and focus on the reading, writing, and comprehending aspect of the disability.

Cost? Website to purchase?There are many versions of this product; it depends on the type and age of computer you’re using. The newest version (13) for Windows is priced at $1395.00. The best program to purchase is a Kurtzweil.

What is it? Reading Pen
What is it used for?
external image reading_pen.gifReading Pens are used just as the Reading Systems, but they’re portable. They allow for students to scan over a written or typed paper that isn’t on the computer and have it read aloud to them. A reading pen has a built -in speech synthesizer as well. They have the option to display the text in a bigger font or to have it be read out loud. They also have ports for headphones for private listening.
Which type of impairment?
Reading Pens are used for learning impaired students and focus on the reading, and listening aspect of the disability.
Cost? Website to purchase?
Many businesses carry this product, so the price will vary on the carrier and the type of pen you choose. The base price of Wizcom’s reading pen is roughly $230. However, if you add more features to it and more warranty, it’ll add to the price. I feel this is the best website to use because it has the manuals right online in case you lose it, a list of basic features and add ons, and it has support right online for the product as well.
Which is the best individual product?I feel the best product to purchase for a child with a learning disability and needs a tool to help their reading would be the reading pen. While it may not be the cheapest option available, it is the most helpful. It is a portable tool that can be used anywhere to read anything. This is important because a child with a LD never knows when they might have to read something or if they will be able to. This product will either enlarge the text and focus on a certain portion or it can read the text aloud; which ever the child needs. This will help them be more independent and learn more than they would without the pen.font-size: 120%;font-family: Georgia, serif;text-align: justify;display: block;