Screen readers are a software programs that allow the blind or impaired, to be able to read the text that is displayed. A screen reader is a interface inbetween a computers operation system.
Diffrent types of screen readers are
  • alternative keyboards - these include larger or smaller keys so that toy can easyly type and not have to worrie ablout hitting wrong keys. Also it help so that they can have a little easyer time trying to read the keys.
  • This is used for visually impaired people. $53.20
  • electronic pointing devices - used to control the cursor on the screen without use of hands. Devices used include ultrasound, infrared beams, eye movements, nerve signals, or brain waves.
  • This is also used for blind visually impaired people. $185.95
  • Joysticks—manipulated by hand, feet, chin, etc. and used to control the cursor on screen. Making it more easy for the user to work and click on things and go to diffrent web sites.
  • This is used for people that cannot use a mouse correctly it is good for blind people and people with moving dis orders. $294.00

If i had to pick one thing that would help people the most would probly be Alternative keyboards because they can help a lot of people they are easy to rember wear all the keys are and easy to see the letters. also bigger keys so you dont hit more than one key at a time.