Speech recognition programs are another tool for writing. It's an option for students who are unable to use the computer regularly to write better. The user speaks commands such as: open a document, save changes, delete a paragraph, printing, even move the cursor without laying a finger on the keyboard, into a microphone that is connected to the computer. By giving the program commands the program becomes more familiar with the users voice each time they use it. Speaking into the microphone allows the user to use the program with another word processing program so when they speak their words appear on the computer screen ready for editing. Some programs can be used with portable digital recorders to let students record their speech in different places. The computer then puts their work to text later.

Speech recognition programs are used for many kinds of disabilities. They are used for amputees that may have just gotten out of the war, or were born that way. Even with speech impairments you would be able to use the program. It may be more difficult but you would need a little more practice than other people without those impairments.

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Dragon is the most popular of the speech recognition programs. If you were to look up speech recognition programs on the internet Dragon systems will pop up everywhere. I'm guessing that it is a very good program. Best buy offers a wide variety of this program, prices ranging from $21.98 to $665.37. Some versions of Dragon allow up to five users to use the program and the computer can tell apart their voices. If there is only one person in the family though the need for five users is unnecessary.

I haven't personally used any of these programs or any speech recognition program for that matter. From the research I have done I would say that Dragon would have to be the best. Everything I looked up had something to do with Dragon programs. They offer many different versions of the program. Dragon would probably be the first thing I would try if something were to happen and I needed help or one of my family members needed help. Until someone were to tell me different I would choose it.