Talking and large-print word processors are used by people who have a visual impairment. A talking/ word processor is a device used to help people who can’t see. Large- print word processors help people who are visually impaired and can’t see very well. This device features talking grammar check, text and extraction, graded word prediction, talking word prediction, talking spell check, key echo, and automatic document summarization. Reading features include word pause, sentence repeat, word repeat, and variable reading speed. There are different types of these word processors; “clicker, docreader, eurovocs suite, intellitalk, key to access, PNC memo, talking toolbox, talking typing teacher, tool factory workshop, VIP, write: outloud. Those are some of the different programs you can use.

Here are some of the devices and what they are used for. A clicker is used for people who can’t use a mouse or keyboard. A docreader is used more for editing papers; a lot of people with dyslexia use this. Intellitalk is used for people who have visually disabilities; it reads aloud the words as you type them. One more is a PNC which is also for people who can’t see very well, it makes the font bigger and reads aloud the words and sentences the person is typing. These devices are very helpful to people and it only cost around $89.95. The price probably varies on which one you buy but it could help out a lot; in simple things you wish you could do every day. You could buy this device at this website:

I personally think that the Intellitalk is one of the better products. I think that because it doesn’t only make the words bigger if you’re partially blind but it also reads aloud every word, sentence, paragraph, anything that you type. This is very useful for anyone it’s made for all ages from children to adults. You can even change the voices and the pronunciations can be modified. If you still have partial vision you can change the font size, font color, and even the background color. If you do have a vision impairment be sure to check out these products.
This is another type of "Talking and Large-Print Word Processor, known as the clicker."

This is a large-print processor. Making the word visible for anyone who has a visual impairment
This is a "WriteOutLoud", whatever you type out it will read aloud for you.